Amber Hitchhikes a Ride from Maestro & Claire - Bad Idea!

3 seconds will be deducted from your Pay-Per-Minute time for every second watched.Premium PPM allows us to bring you the best Adult content from the hottest studios.Amber Hitchhikes a Ride from Maestro & Claire – Bad Idea!Amber Rayne is a slut in trouble. Finding herself in the middle of nowhere, she sticks her thumb out for a ride from Maestro and Claire Adams. Once in the car, she realizes her hopes of getting to Reno are over. Quickly subdued by the sadistic couple she finds herself being taken through elaborate bondage predicaments in the beautiful outdoors of the West. This shoot features stake bondage, outdoor walking bondage, wide straddle spread ass fucking, and a kneeling spread eagle with stunning views and one unhappy cunt that has to earn her way to freedom.