Girlfriend In Every Port

Girlfriend In Every PortSeaman Tadpole’s ship is pulling into the Port of Miami for a 4-day liberty break. Tadpole was once stationed in Miamin and he was head-over-heels for his gorgeous girlfriend Marie Fox. Tragically, when Marie gave Tadpole her new phone number he accidentally washed it inside his dress uniform pocket. Due to this mishap, he hasn’t seen her in a very long time. Tadpole and his liberty buddies are on a mission to find Tadpole’s long lost girlfriend in Miami. This is not as easy as walking to her residence and knocking on her door. You see, unfortunately, Marie’s parents disapproved of her dating sailors because they are known for having a girlfriend in every port. Therefore, because Marie still resides with her parents, Tadpole has no clue where she lives. To make matters more difficult, Marie kept her place of employment private from Tadpole. This is a can’t miss full-length comedy with lots of laughs and even more action!Enjoy this adventure with Tadpole and his liberty buddies, and watch if Tadpole unites with his girlfriend from the Port of Miami, or will the Shore Patrol and pausing to bang other hot babes stand in his way?