Temptation 8

Temptation 8Kenzie has created the perfect scene for seduction. Sitting her man down at the table, Kenzie climbs into his lap. Grinding her hips back and forth, she makes sure that he is nice and stiff. He responds by pickig Kenzie up and putting her on the table.Dressed in some sweet lingerie, Andi sneaks up behind her man as he’s enjoying some morning coffee. Running her hand over his chest and then lower, Andi makes it clear that she’d like him to come back to bed.Crawling into bed with her man, Jazmin doesn’t hesitate even a moment before locking lips with him. He makes his appreciation of her outfit clear as his hands roam over her ass. In response, Jazmin loses her bra and puts his hands on her tits.Lily’s masturbation quickly rockets her towards orgasmic heights. Her moans grow longer and louder the more she fingers herself. Rolling onto her back for the finishing move, Lily is just getting to the best part when her man joins and takes over.