Secrets & Seductions

Secrets & SeductionsAngela, a married woman, allows her friend to hook her up with a sexy stranger. But when they meet at a private mansion for a sexual encounter she discovers that the “stranger” is actually her friend’s husband. After Honey berates her new roommates Chanell and Damon for making too much noise, they invite her in for a few beers to make up for it. As the evening progresses, attraction among all of them grows and before long, Chanell is kissing Honey with Damon eager to participate. Alexa and Isiah share an attraction so intense that, when they normally meet up, few words are exchanged before they start ripping ea ch others clothes off. This time, however, Alexa wants to get to know Isiah more intimately and so she decides to tie him up, teasing him in anticipation. Workplace attraction can be a difficult beast to tame. As Ryans employee, Gina is burdened by the sexual tension that she and her boss share. When she goes over to his house one weekend to finish up some last minute work, the pair indulge in a passionate, afternoon affair.