This Doesn't Change Anything

2.5 seconds will be deducted from your Pay-Per-Minute time for every second watched.Premium PPM allows us to bring you the best Adult content from the hottest studios.This Doesn’t Change AnythingKevin (Johnny Hill) is having a blast at his high school reunion, taking it all in stride, though he needs a little break from all the noise. As he steps outside the school, he sees a beautiful woman (Casey Kisses) also taking a breather. He’s instantly attracted and strikes up a conversation, trying his luck. Kevin can’t believe that he doesn’t remember a woman as gorgeous as her… until she finally reveals that her name is Ashley, although Kevin once knew her as Andrew. Kevin is instantly in a panic as his world flips upside down, unable to believe that Ashley is his friend and roommate from years ago! James (Draven Navarro) is an old-fashioned family man. He’s happily married to his wife, Diane (Ariel X) and has a wonderful family. Everything seems to be picture perfect… until he one day discovers a mysterious family photo featuring Diane and two boys. James is confused since he has a stepson and stepdaughter, Kaylee (Emma Rose), so who is the other boy? He NEEDS to talk to Kaylee… but is Kaylee ready to talk to HIM?