Learning to Love Yourself

Learning to Love Yourself. Morgan Rain and Adria Rae, two step-sisters, are busy trying to figure out what to get their mom for her birthday. They decided that they will give their mom a massage for her birthday to go with the new health kick she’s been on! Morgan insisted that they should practice with each other. Although Adria is a bit weirded out, she’s soon won over by Morgan’s charm. her older sibling Kayley Gunner and her friend, Jazmin Luv. Lily seems down and quickly runs off to her room. Lily decided to have a talk with her because Kayley has to go to work. Lily opens up to Lily and admits that she’s getting picked on at school for having small breasts. Jazmin helps Lily feel better by praising her body and giving her a body rub, gently massaging her all over. Gia Derza loves keeping up with the latest video games. Her parents are into game development but he’s been kind of secretive lately about his latest VR project, which leaves Gia curious. One day, she sneaks into his office and boots up the game. When the game loads, Gia finds herself in a massage parlor with the sexy masseuse, Kenna James. Kenna is DEFINITELY the best part of the game and Gia is down to put her parent’s work to the test.