Going For It

Going For ItVanna is totally fine with Hannah and Codey staying with her. Until Codey arrives ahead of Hannah, and they have to face each other for the first time since they shared an intimate moment. Lulu has been training with Nathan for a while. Her attraction is building to a fever pitch and by the end of today’s session, she cant hold it in much longer. Ana goes into her friend’s room to help look for a missing passport, and runs into Johnny, hot and fresh from the shower. They said they weren’t going to hook up again, but this opportunity is just too perfect, resulting in max temptation. A few drinks in one night, things get heated between Aidra and her roomie Damon, resulting in a kiss. After that, they don’t talk about it. Until Aidra can’t take it anymore and brings it up. Because sometimes all it takes to break this ice and heat things up is a little kiss.