A Sign of Things To Cum

A Sign of Things To Cum. Synopsis:Alexis Tae is at home when she gets a surprise visit from Lumi Ray, who says she has good news to share. It’s revealed that they’ve been working together to save an old tree in town from being cut down and townhall finally approved it. Alexis invites Lumi inside to REALLY celebrate their victory! Two best friends, Ryan Reid and Maddy May, are chatting when Maddy starts talking about a hobby she’s started to get into – astrology. Ryan is skeptical, as Maddy talks about how Ryan is a Cancer and what that all means. Ryan then notices and points out that the Cancer symbol looks like a 69. Maddy says that it doesn’t, but Ryan continues to make fun of the 69 symbol and says now it’s all she can think about – she wants a 69! Jayden Cole welcomes an IT technician, Victoria Voxxx, into her home to fix a problem with her computer. They used to work in the same office, but haven’t seen each other in a while because Jayden now works from home. After the computer problem is successfully fixed, Victoria drops her USB key, and there’s another spark of attraction as both women reach for it at the same time. They’ve really, REALLY missed seeing each other at the office every day. Jayden asks Victoria to stay for a little longer. They kiss and then have tender, playful sex..