Angelica Heart Bangs The Photographer

Angelica Heart Bangs The Photographer. Angelica Heart arrived for a photoshoot with Matt. Things are going well but it could be better… So Matt advises Angelica to put some oil on her body as it will make her body shine and it looks great in the pictures. She complies and puts the oil on. However it is not efficient enough as she can not reach all parts of her body with her own hands. Matt volunteers to help with oil application (wink wink). Matt actually applies the oil on her boobs very very thoroughly. Angelica notices how he likes the oil on her body by pointing to his trousers. And she is right – that trouser became bigger actually at a certain point… The photoshoot continues and Angelica slowly but steadily loses all her underwear on herself and now she is totally nude. Now she is the one who advises to put oil on her butt… Yeah, it will look nice – Matt says. So she cheerfully teases with her oily-shiny ass now. And comes closer to tease her ass and other parts of the body and asks for another round of helping hands… But she is the one who offered help this time to Matt by releasing that now fully erected dick of his. Her idea of helping? Suck the cock. Give a blowjob. The thing is that she might be after some more fun than just giving a helping hand, because she works that cock so hard and rapidly that it soon became a prequel to something else. They soon end up laying on the floor both totally naked. Angelica only sports some stocking on her feet but that’s it. She gives compliments to that cock she got her hands on and in a rush she jumps on it to have it fucked. Easy penetration from the start – that girl arrived prepared and horny for sure. It also shows that she is not new to this. Surely not the first time she does that. Professionalism is the word what came to mind watching her fucking that strangers dick… When she turns around to be in reverse cowboy position a really tight, nice looking ass shows up which really meant to be fucked. And fucked hard. Thankfully Matt also knows his stuff and that pussy – be it any position – gets fucked really well. After various positions they end up in doggy style – which marks the end of this session by Matt going slowly all over her ass cheeks. Satisfaction guaranteed and the job is well done!.