Couple Swap 2

These couples share everything!. Lockdown has been hard for the girls. They’ve enjoyed time with their boyfriends but they’ve had no other excitement. Now, back form thier first double date the girls realize that they’re horny nad eager to celebrate no longer being cooped up in the house.. The couples have rented a condo together for a weekend getaway. While unpacking, Anna makes a move on her sexy friend Whitney. The girls enjoy some private time alone, but this is just the beginning of Anna’s plans for the weekend.. The girls are hanging out when Maya reveals that she thinks her boyfriend might be bored with her. Alex is sympathetic to her friend’s concerns and suggests that adding other people to the mix may be just what Maya needs to spice things up.. It’s game night and the girls have come up with a special game to play. They blindfold their husbands and proceed to kiss and touch them. The shocked but very happy guys then have to guess which wife is doing the touching and kissing..