100% Africa V60

This exceptional compilation contains 2 scenes and 1 feature film for a duration of 2H30. Anita has won the lottery and decides to celebrate by going away for the weekend with her friend Natasha. The two girls, both not very shy, decide to seduce the guys in town and get laid as much as possible. Four guys will know the power of seduction of these two friends that nothing stops! Team Top Stars and Team Top Level compete in a Top Model contest through the different stages. As in every contest, cheating is the order of the day and some of them don’t hesitate to use their charms to get the jury in their pocket! Mary wants to get married. Unfortunately for her, Mary doesn’t want to.. She is heartbroken and decides to start a relationship with a man to change her habits and vary her pleasures. Mary will then try to turn the page with Lucie a TV presenter with a devastating physique!