Holiday Heat

Get away. Get it on.. There’s something about being on holiday that amps up your libido. Feeling free, relaxed and in a new space can bring out your adventurous side. Isn’t it time you got away?. Wet Weekend: Lucille had planned a romantic break away for her girlfriend, it was her first relationship with a woman and she was definitely trying hard to make things just perfect. However an idyllic picnic in the countryside is ruined and flowers as a gift just make Briana sneeze… In the end the new couple have the most fun stuck inside together on a wet afternoon. They start to kiss passionately before Lucille slowly strips off Briana’s clothes, caressing her full breasts and then using her fingers and tongue to toy her pussy as she writhes with pleasure. The girls have come prepared with plenty of toys, Lucille uses a double ended dildo to fuck Briana, both girls pleasuring each other at once in a gorgeous display of genuine pleasure.. Carry On Camping: Brett’s idea of a fun camping trip is normally Charlie’s idea of hell. However, despite her initial disdain for all things tent related, she is reminded of Brett’s thoughtfulness as he makes her comfortable in their secluded camping spot and relaxes. Just the two of them together on a beautiful warm day soon leads to the couple making out together in the dappled sunlight. Pleasuring each other with their hands they take things slowly, Brett fingering Charlie’s pussy before she gives him a hand job. Thoroughly turned on, Charlie rides Brett before bending over and moaning with delight as he enters her from behind in doggy style. This couple enjoy a long, sensual outdoor fuck together which will have you dreaming of sunny days with a significant other.. Where’s Your Head At?: Karen is a holiday shagger. She’s never swapped details with any of her holiday sex partners or seen them back home. On holiday she sheds the skin of everyday Karen and she feels uninhibited and comfortable to be whoever she wants to be and ask for exactly what she wants from a partner. On this trip to a festival she meets Stu and the chemistry is instant, these two can’t even wait to get back to their tents before stripping off to pleasure each other by a tree. Once back, Karen rides Stu cowgirl style, her desire evident as she completely takes control in this intense scene. Confidently she fingers herself as he licks and fucks her, showing him exactly how she likes to be touched to ensure delicious climaxes for both of them.. Tied To Her Phone: Sometimes Trev thought that Tik loved her phone more than him. He thought perhaps that if her phone had a cock and a dark sense of humor, then he’d have been kicked to the kerb ages ago. On a trip away, he comes up with a plan to insert himself into her inbox, literally and figuratively… During a countryside walk he sends her some suggestive selfies, and she’s soon turned on and touching herself in anticipation. Trev returns and buries his head between her legs, Tik’s pleasure evident as he licks her pussy before she treats him to a sensual blowjob. Tik rides him passionately before they fuck in spoons, and although she does take a few selfies, Trev definitely succeeds in showing her the satisfaction and joy of a real life connection.. Home Sweet Home: Lucille and Brett are back home after their holiday and feel certain that their time away changed them. They’d been so free and fun, so connected to one another and the spirit of adventure. Now they were back in their normal lives but the holiday lived on in their memories, there was no reason that they couldn’t keep that free, fun dynamic at home. After a shower, Lucille joins Brett on the balcony, eager to taste his cock she works his shaft in the afternoon sun before they move to the bedroom. Brett licks her pussy, making her arch her back and moan with delight as he edges her close to climax before fucking her deeply. Their chemistry undeniable, this couple give themselves a very pleasurable welcome home, reminding us that you don’t have to be on holiday to be free and passionate..