Nailin' It!

Nailin’ It!. Whitney Wright arrives at a hair salon to get her hair done. Her girlfriend, Jenna Foxx, accompanies her. As soon as the hairdresser Casey exits the room, leaving the girlfriends alone, Jenna grins mischievously and walks over to Whitney. She pulls up the salon cape and sinks to her knees. These girlfriends are going to have to get VERY creative if they want to continue their sneaky salon sex! Beautician Maya Kendrick is at work when her colleague Nadia Noja comes back from break. She tells Maya that she just found out about a nail technique called a lesbian manicure. Maya tells Nadia that she’s familiar with it. Maya then suggests that Nadia practice that type of manicure so that she can perform them on clients. Lena Paul adores her younger step-sister, Violet Myers, even if she doesn’t always show it in the best way. It’s just that Violet is always very busy and Lena only wants to spend time with her! After a failed attempt to get Violet’s attention, Lena finally confesses that she has a crush on her sister..