Buttwoman Does Budapest

Budapest is Wide Open!. Imagine finding yourself in a place where personal freedoms (like sexual exprssion) are taken seriously! A place where people love to fuck and are proud of their sex lives! Where you meet a girl one minute and are sucking her pussy the next! No matter where you go, the opportunity for real encounters exist! That’s why they’re calling Budapest the Bangkok of the West! Well, that my friends is what Buttwoman finds in Budapest. From her first day (where she meets 2 beautiful locals) everywhere she goes she finds Hungarians hungry for sex! (There’s even a couple who fuck for her on a streetcar travelling through the city!) Even the maid at the hotel would rather fuck than fight! (To watch is to drool!) And when she ends up at a 400 year old wine cellar, she witnesses a very strange scene between the owner, his wife and their striking servant girl..