Shoplyfter 12

Shoplyfter 12. Gracie Green: Case # 6598780. Jan 1oth, 5:17pm – Suspect was nervous and fidgeting over the alleged backpack she intended to buy. LP officer would allow for someone to come pay the cost. Unfortunately none of the suspect’s contacts responded. Suspect had no choice but to cooperate with LP officer in order to retain their freedom.. Fallon Love: Case # 7547217. Aug 30th, 6:22pm – Suspect thought being questioned by LP officer was all fun and games, until officer revealed store had hidden cameras. Officer by then was allowed lawfully to conduct a full body search. Jewelry in excess of $1000 was found concealed in suspects bra. Local police did not pick up call, LP officer handled the case on site.. Kat Monroe: Case # 2725568. Aug 30th, 4:59 pm. Suspect did not cooperate with LP officer who then explained a strip search woul follow. In hopes of avoiding the search, suspect removed the merchandise from their purse and admitted to being caught. Suspect also used the premise that they were sent from the county to do a security check, which was an obvious lie. Infraction was then handled locally by LP officer without the inclusion of law enforcement.. Esperanza del Horno: Case # 8589898. September 6th 11:27am. Latina female suspect was apprehended and taken to backroom LP office. Suspect did not have identification available. Suspect was then strip searched. Multiple pairs of expensive women’s lingerie was recovered on her person. Suspect was then given an ALTERNATIVE option to usual LP consequences..